Revive the stream 

Year: 2013
Supervisors: Ananiadou-Tzimopoulou M., Tratsela M.
Collaborator: Eleni Papantoniou

This project aims to revive Hortatzis stream, in the center of Thessaloniki that extents between Sheikh Su and Ag.Dimitriou street. It is one of the remaining open streams of town, an active lung of the city and one of the last public spaces in the city. The distinctive rocky terrain and the difference between the natural and urban landscape were important elements that were preserved in the synthetic process. The dynamic element of the wall, a rigorous limit that ensures the ravishing nature of the stream and its anarchical growth from the integration of the city became really important to us and we decided to retain in through our design. During the design process a central element was a game between the limits of urban and natural landscape, which  was established through the creation of transitional spaces that constantly transform, enabling a continuous game between the stream and the city, the natural and the urban, freedom and organization.