Escape in free space 

Year : 2013
Supervisors: Spyridonidis K., Moras A.
Collaborator: Angelina Christoforidou

This urban planning project is trying to create a new way of communal
living, based in the organization of smaller neighborhood communities
and the support of the resident’s familiarization with public space.
Through design gestures the residents are infuenced to perform their main leisure activities in the central open space of the new neighborhood.

The residential buildingsare organized in front of the roads, but at the same time in a circular arrangement creating a hug that defines the public space in the center of neighborhood. Then public space is being bisected by the central  pedestrian ways that determine the individual neighborhoods. Organically designed routes define the difference between public space functions such as workplaces, game, culture, leisure. The space is definedand reinforced with blocks placed in a way to resemble cellular structures,hosting the functions of the public space and making the space easier and friendlier to use.