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"Smartphones and the Perception of Space" in International Journal of Digital Innovation in the Built Environment (IJDIBE) 11, no.2: 1-13.

“Bluetooth Orgasms” in MedieKultur: Journal of Media and Communication Research, 37 (71), 143–160.
(Original work published December 22, 2021).  READ HERE

“A Tinder Lover’s Discourse” in Passage Journal #1 Intimate Lineages (September 2021), 37-59. READ HERE

“Solitary reflections on being in-between”in Journal of Applied Communication Research Online Publication Communication Intervention 1, 76-84. (Fall 2020) READ HERE 

Other Publications 

“Death and Resurrection: The Short-Lived Tinder Feed” in Clog x Feeds,

“How do you Spend your time in Quarantine” In S. Ramasubramanian (Ed.). Quarantined Across Borders Blog Series. Media Rise (June, 2020).



“Situated and displaced: diasporic subjectivities in essayistic film production”, In the Panel Body, Movement, Self-Representation, NECS 2022 Conference, Epistemic Media: Atlas, Archive, Network, Bucharest, National University of Theatre and Film, June 22-26

“Bluetooth Orgasms”, In the panel B20 Embodied Technologies sponsored by Media, Science and Technology SIG, Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), March 31-April 6, 2022

“A Monumental Slap”, Participated as a work in progress in the pre-conference seminar 
Adapting Scholarship into Videographic Criticism for the Scholarly Conference, Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), March 11-12, 2022 

“To be fat and to be looked at ”, Looking at Feminity Sympodcast, Cardiff University, Episode 8: Artistic Disruption, Aired on May 10, 2021


“F*cking with the Virtual: Alexa, Siri, Lana, Samantha and Desire”, 17th annual University of California Santa Cruz Graduate Research Symposium, April 23 2021

“F*cking with the Virtual: Alexa, Siri, Lana, Samantha and Desire”, In the panel Technologies of Voice and Listening moderated by Harry Burson, Society of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS), March 17-22, 2021 

“Augmenting Democracy: Smartphones in the Streets”, In the panel Digital Media and Democracy moderated by Prof. Johnny Symons, SFSU 22nd Annual Grad Conference, Mediating Democracy: Contemporary Politics in Film & Media, February 11 & 12, 2021 

“Impossible Passings: Fatties in the art world”, In the panel Passing Bodies moderated by Dr. Karen Tongson, First Forum 2020: Passing. Cinema and Media Studies Graduate Conference, The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, October 23-24, 2020

“From Physical to Virtual Space, and Back” in ATI: Architecture, Technology, Innovation. Üniversite Caddesi, Turkey. August 27-29, 2020

 “Smartphones in the Streets of Resistance” in Urban Creativity& Rebel Streets: User Experience Online Conference, July 9-11, 2020

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