Interactive Film 


Ithaca is an interactive short film about a lost genderless foreigner in the metropolitan city. Our main character has one goal throughout the story to arrive at Times Square where he/she has set up a date with the mysterious “big love”. Like Odysseus in the Homer’s epic our character is not lost in the sea, but instead he is lost in the New York subway, between unknown faces of New Yorkers who cannot help him on his way to his date. The New York subway turns into a fantastic realm of transcendence that can lead our character to different cities and times.


On the Trains: A travelogue

On the trains is an interactive video art piece that tries to capture the feeling of unsettlement and nomadism, experienced when travelling with trains. Travelling is a constant state of movement, an exploration of new places, new people and most importantly new forms of existence. It’s not about where you really go, but about the passage through space and time. This project is an attempt to capture the sensation of observing different people, landscapes and experiences going by through the window of a train seat.