Eulogy to a digital lover 

Short film. 
Duration: 5.23

Eulogy to a digital lover, is a video piece about the networks of falling in love and the communications that dominate today’s intimate relationships.  Inspired by my own interactions with strangers on dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder, this piece is a eulogy to all the digital lovers that passed through my profiles regardless of the duration of our interactions. The piece encompasses a critique of masculinity and gender relationships, in contemporary mediascapes.


Digital essay film
Duration: 1.29 

My film titled Homo-Extendus is an attempt to look at how people behave in archaeological spaces, trace those choreographies and movements that have been enabled with the emergence of the smartphone. The camera was placed in different spots across a very touristic route that most tourists follow when visiting Athens. I tried to record movements just like a documentary film-maker would record wild animals in the jungle, without interfering.

The Disappointment of Arrival

Film. Shot on Samsung Galaxy J3 camera.
Duration: 8.34

Disappointment of arrival is a film essay about the experience of arriving in the United States as an architect, as a student and as a Greek. It expresses the disappointment of arrival in New York and the United States, after being the consumer of all those highly mediated images. The shots were all taken through my cheap phone that has a really bad camera. The idea is that the urban situation and movement should not be disturbed. The camera is becoming an eye in the city, my own personal eye in different parts of the New York, capturing environments and movements.

Thrinos: Display / Πρόθεση

Performance /film. Color
Duration: 6.18

In this the era of severe economic crisis, when the old European order is crumbling, Greece is the first country to fall. This piece explores the question: if Greece is dying, how do we mourn for her? Display offers a disrupted choreography by way of an answer. Based on the rituals of a typical Greek funeral, the choreography and the filming draws on Classical Greek theatre, Greek vernacular popular film and Greek avant garde cinema the old rituals are renewed.